What is a Preview Service?

One Missoula Church Preview Service

What is a Preview Service?

I'd like to field a question here real quick because we've been telling people that we're having a preview service at the AMC movie theater and people are asking what is a preview service. That is a great question and I have a super simple answer for you.

We don't have the number of volunteers and the systems in place to hold a public worship service once a week yet. So we're offering services once in June, once in July and once in August this summer. And we hope to launch weekly services this September.

On these dates in June, July, and August we'd love for you to come out! It's gonna be a full blown church service at the AMC. There will be worship music, there will be Bible teaching and there'll be kids ministry. You'll have to come and see!

Don't be shy, bring your friends, bring your family and bring your kids!  See you soon.

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