Our Story

Meet the Saab Family

Brad Saab has done some things that humans think are important like get some degrees from an accredited seminary and survive over 13 years of full-time vocational ministry experience as a worship leader, youth pastor, teaching pastor and lead pastor. But when it comes to ministry, the only thing he really has going for him is a steadfast trust that God can do great things with his unconditional surrender to go wherever He leads.

He’s been married to one Margaret Jean since May of 2010. In addition to raising their brood of offspring and building the increasingly epic kids ministry of One Missoula Church, Margaret is a Lactation Consultant and Childbirth Educator at Community Medical Center. Brad convinced Margaret that he was a great catch while she was his youth ministry intern at One Missoula's parent church (Team Church) in Matthews, NC. They now have four children - Arden (5), Christian (4), Knox (2), James (10 months). Brad and Margaret used to be interesting and have hobbies but then they made the decision to have children and plant a church, which ended all semblance of the laughable notion of “me time". 

Where it all started...

We started with 10 people in a living room way back in October 2018 and grew to 50 people in a hotel conference room during the winter months of early 2019. We were then blessed to get the very snazzy and very modern space at the Southgate AMC to start monthly preview gatherings in June of 2019.

Engagement rose through the summer and at our 7th preview on November 10th, we set our record high attendance. Momentum has only increased from there and we are excited to see where God is taking this thing.

Right now our focus is getting people in place to pull off weekly modern worship services in addition to an engaging discipleship ministry for kids up to 5th grade. Once we get that nice and stable, we will turn our attention to our small-group discipleship ministry and local Missoula missions. After that... the sky's the limit! (psst... you should be here for this!)

Who we are...

We are a group of imperfect people working with God to get His best for our lives, our loved ones, and our great city.

Knowing that God has revealed the often-evasive truth about who He is and who we are through the Bible, this group of people want to understand and apply God's original message as the Church of the first and second centuries understood and applied it.

This is a group united around their commitment to Christ, their belief in absolute truth as God revealed it in His Word, and their pursuit of His Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.

We champion a gracious and charitable curiosity to uncover absolute truth that makes space for many different theological perspectives while working to prepare the account we will give the Lord for our individual lives through sound exegetical study and logical dialogue around the issues of faith.

That said, we believe One God exists in three persons (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit), salvation is in Christ alone by grace alone through faith alone, and the Bible is the inerrant, inspired, authoritative, sufficient Word of God in its original Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic signatures.

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