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Brad Margaret Saab

Brad and Margaret Saab 

Brad Saab has over 11 years of full-time vocational ministry experience as a worship leader, youth pastor, teaching pastor and lead pastor.  He holds a bachelor’s degree in finance from the University of Florida and a Master of Divinity from Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary.  He’s been married for almost nine years to a registered nurse named Margaret Jean Saab who traded her stethoscope to stay at home with their brood and build the kids ministry of One Missoula.  They met and married while she was Brad’s youth ministry intern at our sending church (Team Church) in Matthews, NC.  

They have four children - Arden (5), Christian (3), Knox (1), James (4 weeks), and a decrepit Bullmastiff named Dozer.  Brad and Margaret used to have interests and hobbies but made the decision to have children and plant a church, which ended all semblance of the laughable notion of “me time.