We believe that the worship of Jesus is not only something that takes place when we gather together, but it is something that we all do, everyday. We all worship, whether we do it consciously or not. The choices we make, the goals we pursue, the relationships we have, and motivation behind all of it, is the worship of something. In that, there is incredible depth in pressing in to understanding worship.

On Sunday mornings, you will notice a mostly contemporary style, where we will blend new anthems with old hymns, all of which will be selected for their depth of meaning, and to lift high the name of Jesus. We will sing 4 to 5 songs, that will range from opening the service, to a time of worship, to a time of response after the message, where we encourage you to participate meaningfully in all. 
We also want to encourage your ability to worship through song during your week, as well as be sure that you are familiar with the songs that we will be singing each Sunday. To help accomplish this, we have created a monthly playlist through Youtube, with all of the songs that we will sing when we gather. We also encourage you to listen while driving to work, cleaning your house, or working out; wherever you are.

Most Recent Playlist: