Everyone has a responsibility to use their abilities

The Bible describes works as a confirmation of genuine saving faith (James 2:14-26) and that we have a responsibility to use our talents (Matthew 25:14-30)

Every one has talents, skills and spiritual gifts

Don't know what your spiritual gifts are?

Generally we encourage trying new things, starting with doing whatever needs to be done, and intentionally observe the results to see:
A. If you receive unsolicited positive feedback
B. If you see positive results/impact

For spiritual gifts, you can also take a test!

*Spiritual gift tests generally lean more towards telling you the gifts you already use vs what your potential is, don't limit yourself based on your test results. Try new things. Want to learn more? Try reading Understanding Spiritual Gifts by Sam Storms

Check out these areas of opportunity!

Host & Greeter Team

Be the warm welcome that defines our community! Join us as a host and greeter, embodying hospitality and creating a friendly atmosphere for all who enter our doors. Your enthusiasm and welcoming spirit will ensure every individual feels valued. 

KidsMin Team

Be a guiding light in young hearts! Join our One Kids Ministry team and inspire the next generation on their spiritual journey. Your enthusiasm and dedication will shape meaningful experiences that nurture faith, love, and joy in our children. 

Events Team

Are you passionate about creating memorable moments and fostering connections within a community? Join as an events planner and be the driving force behind our gatherings. Your organizational skills and creativity will help orchestrate meaningful events that unite and inspire our congregation. 

Worship Team

On Sunday mornings, you will notice a mostly contemporary style, where we will blend new anthems with old hymns, all of which will be selected for their depth of meaning, and to lift high the name of Jesus. If you're musically or vocally talented, audition to be on the team!

Production Team

Become a vital part of One Missoula's vibrant community by joining our production team! Are you passionate about behind-the-scenes work that brings spiritual gatherings to life? We're seeking devoted volunteers to assist with sound, lighting, multimedia, and stage management. 

Cleaning Team

Join our dedicated team and make a tangible difference in our new building! We are seeking enthusiastic volunteers for our cleaning team. Your commitment to ensuring a clean, welcoming environment will directly contribute to the comfort of our members and guests alike. 

Graphic Artists

We understand the significance of visual storytelling and design in conveying our message of faith and hope. We're seeking gifted individuals who can translate ideas into compelling visual representations that resonate with our congregation and beyond. 

Photographer and/or Videographer

Are you passionate about capturing the essence of moments that inspire, enlighten, and connect a community? Are you looking for a meaningful way to utilize your photography skills to advance the kingdom and reach the lost? If so, we invite you to consider joining us as a photographer and/or videographer. 


Become the backbone of our community by volunteering in  administration. We're seeking dedicated individuals with a passion for organization and administrative support to contribute to the seamless functioning of our church.
No prior experience is necessary—just a commitment to detail-oriented tasks and a desire to enhance the efficiency of our church operations.

Facilities Management

Elevate the meeting place and outreach tool of our church! One Missoula Church invites dedicated individuals to volunteer to do facility management, overseeing the upkeep and functionality of our building. Your commitment to maintaining a welcoming environment will play a pivotal role in ensuring a smooth and comfortable experience for our congregation.

Don't see your calling?
This is not a comprehensive list!

The body of Christ is made up of many members with different gifts, we'd love to hear about yours!
1 Corinthians 12:12-31

Training Available

At One Missoula Church, we believe in the power of community and service. That's why we welcome individuals who are passionate about making a difference to join our volunteer team. Where applicable, we also offer training to equip volunteers with the skills they need to excel in their roles.

Moreover, we recognize individuals who show exemplary dedication and aptitude. Volunteers who display exceptional commitment and a drive for success may have the opportunity to participate in paid training programs as well. This not only supports personal growth but also acknowledges and values the sacrificial contributions of our volunteers to the larger body.

Join us in making a positive impact and discover the rewarding opportunities for personal and professional development at One Missoula Church. Contact us today to learn more about our volunteer programs and how you can use your talents for the Kingdom.